We help make tax season less stressful for our clients

2778915_SEach year, tax season can bring loads of stress for the already-busy professional or small business owner.

At Barlin Business Solutions, we take that stress off your shoulders — in tax season and throughout the year! As a Certified Public Accountant in practice for 20 years, Wendy Barlin knows that many business decisions turn on how they affect your tax liability.

For instance, should a business owner lease a vehicle or buy one outright? Does depreciation make it wiser to buy than rent an office space? We have the answers! In fact, involving us in your financial decisions throughout the year helps us look out for your best tax strategies.

One way we do that is with twice yearly tax planning sessions with each client. These sessions help you plan better for cyclical cash flow and help us minimize your taxes.

We file income tax returns electronically to the Internal Revenue Service and all 50 states, and we can prepare returns for individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, S and C corporations. And, if you receive a notice from a government agency, forward it to us. We’ll reply within 24 hours, and we’ll represent you with the government. Remember, our goal is to be your go-to tax and financial adviser!


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