Trying to get more done each day? There’s an app for that!

11549494 - young adult using a smart phoneAre you trying to find ways to be more productive and do a better job keeping track of important dates and appointments and how much you’re accomplishing? A quality task management app can help you do just that. Here are three great ones.

Todoist. Todoist is probably the most well-known productivity app, designed to help people stay organized personally and professionally. The program allows you track tasks, set timelines for projects and collaborate with others. The basic version is free; a premium version is available for $29.

Wunderlist. While your smartphone’s built-in notes app might work for awhile, it doesn’t come with the capabilities of a program like Wunderlist. Make lists, check tasks off, and even share notes and plans with family members or friends. The program is user-friendly and intuitive. A basic version is free; a pro version is available for $5 per month.

Remember The Milk. This aptly named app ensures you never forget the milk (or anything else) ever again. It isn’t strictly mobile either, which means you can access to-do lists and other notes via your personal computer, or on the go. A basic version is free; a pro version is available for $40 per year.



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