The Barlin Business Solutions advantage

8876319_SAt Barlin Business Solutions, we have standard flat fees for all of our accounting services. These rates are based only on the work involved in providing services to you — not the time it takes us to do the work. We will gladly share our rates with you and all fees are agreed upon up front, before any work begins. All phone calls and e-mails are included at no extra charge.

That means no more fears that you could unknowingly run up a high bill for tax advice and preparation. With our approach, you’ll be fully informed in the beginning and throughout the entire process for any and all charges related to tax planning. We love offering this peace of mind to our customers.

Here’s another cool fact about us: We are a paperless office. That means all of your income tax forms and documents are loaded onto our secure portal for you to access anytime. We return all original documents to you for safekeeping.

Barlin Business Solutions is so much more than an accounting and income tax firm. We specialize in taking all the tedious financial chores off the shoulders of busy professionals so that they can focus on what they do best.


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