Managing change in the workplace

38770319 - businessman pressing a change concept button.Change is a necessary part of business and life. Yet when you’re making changes in the workplace, you can always expect resistance. Here are some ways to help facilitate a major shift:

Involve employees in decision-making. Many organizations let employees know about a major change right before it’s set to begin. Or they allow information to leak out over time. But you’ll likely find your message will be better received if you engage employees in the process of trying to figure out how best to manage changing conditions. Employee engagement survey tools and meetings can help streamline the change process.

Divide and simplify. Begin by introducing a change into only one part of a company or one team at a time. This can give you some real-world input before a new way of doing things is introduced companywide. Some companies have benefited by creating a ‘change team’ of employees who can help manage the inevitable problems and challenges that arise during changing times. Some people are more adaptable than others, so keep in mind that otherwise stellar employees may struggle a great deal.

Train your employees. During times of change in a company, quality training can help increase the odds of success and the likelihood that the change will ‘stick’.

Be open. It’s not enough to communicate the change, then assume that employees are ready to go. Instead, look for feedback regularly —through surveys, team meetings and company-wide emails. Then use that feedback to adjust your change strategies.


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