Grit and bear it: A case for developing grit

73117255_SWhat does it take to hit goals in business? It’s true that so much hinges on external factors, like a strong network of support. However, grit is an internal quality and does not discriminate in terms of race, class, creed, socioeconomics, etc. People from the most modest of means or dire of circumstances can have grit. In other words, anyone can be gritty.

If grit is a trait you want to further develop, there are a few things you can do to manifest it in your personal and professional lives:

  • Manage your distractions. Identify triggers and set up measures to keep that at bay. In those moments of weakness, remind yourself of the reason you started to begin with.
  • Be selective about your social circle. Do your friends support your goals or are they holding you back? It’s good to re-evaluate every now and then.
  • Change your mindset: Success is earned; if you desire it, you must work for it.
  • Confront your fears of failure. If something is worth the risk, you better be at home with some amount of failure.
  • Develop a rewards system. If you break a goal into smaller pieces and reward yourself along the way, you will be more motivated and feel accomplished.

Who in your life is gritty? What can you learn from their behavior?


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