• Do you offer a Free Consultation?

    Our first meeting is always at no charge to you. It is important for us to get to know each other to determine whether we are a good match. During this session we will not be able to give you specific tax advice however we can give you general suggestions and guidelines.

  • How long does it take to get my tax return when I give you my information?

    We commit to a 7-day turnaround time or a full refund! Now please note that that commitment assumes that you have given us everything we need. If we need to go back and get additional information from you, then the 7 days is extended from that time when the file is complete for processing.

  • Are you tech savvy?

    Yes! Our office is paperless so all documents you give us are scanned and returned to you. We use a secure portal to share documents with you. We also have a two way backup system of all data. One in the cloud and one on hard disk stored at the bank weekly.

  • How are your fees calculated?

    We have standard flat fee rates for all bookkeeping, accounting and income tax returns. These rates are based on the work involved in providing services to you and are NOT based on time or how much money you make. We will gladly share our rates with you and all fees are agreed to up front before any work is done. All phone calls and emails are included for our clients at no extra charge.

  • I have received notices from the IRS regarding prior year taxes and tax returns. Can you help me with this?

    Yes! Bring your tax notices to us and we will assess the situation and let you know our opinion on the best course of action. We charge a flat fee for this consultation.

  • Do you outsource any of the work?

    No! Your information never leaves our office. All work is performed here by our team and Wendy personally reviews all work before it is issued to you.

  • How are you different than other accountants?

    We solve problems! Because we use a flat fee pricing model, we are involved in every aspect of your financial lives which allows us to truly be your go to person for everything money. Your confidant. We have created an environment where clients call and email us for help and we are there to point them in the right direction. We are a “ROW” (results only work environment).

  • What kinds of clients do you work with?

    We enjoy working with clients who share our beliefs in integrity, loyalty, community and trust. Our intention is to exceed your expectations and build long term relationships.

  • What industries do your clients work in?

    Our clients work in service industries across the United States. Our experience covers all aspects of the entertainment industry being directors, producers, writers, photographers, hair & make up professionals as well as production companies. Outside of that we regularly work with doctors, lawyers, realtors, coaches, consultants and similar service professionals.

  • Are you a conservative or more aggressive accountant?

    Some accountants want to write off everything they possibly can, while others take a more conservative approach. It's important to figure out where you fall on the spectrum and find an accountant who agrees with your philosophy. We are aggressive in the grey areas of the tax law. We will NEVER commit tax fraud by contradicting black and white tax code. Our intention is to meet your needs and keep us all safe within the tax law.