Do CPA’s really sell time ?

Over my almost twenty years in this field, I have heard many CPA’s say “we sell time”. Really?!? There are many days I wish I could buy “time” but no such luck. Time itself is unfortunately not for sale!

I prefer to think that a CPA sells knowledge and experience. Now that’s something I CAN buy! The more knowledge and the greater experience will equate to a higher fee. This has no connection to time. So why do so many professionals continue to bill by the hour when the incentive to make more money is to be as slow as possible?

My philosophy has always been to challenge that model. A fair price for products and services is more accurately reflected by the value of the knowledge and experience involved.

This is always a hotly debated topic amongst professionals of all spheres however there is one point of which I am certain. A CPA cannot sell time!


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