Time for a Check Up!

Yes, its the middle of 2013 and you should have your bookkeeping updated through June 30th by now. It is a GREAT time to do a tax projection based on the 6 months that passed and estimating the 6 months ahead. This way we can make an accurate tax determination now and pay in estimates […]

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Is the IRS your friend?

And yes, I have found the IRS agents I speak with to be polite and helpful. When I thanked them for their help, they said most people who call in are rude, obnoxious and demanding and that they are always so relieved to find a friendly and polite voice on the other end of the […]

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Has efiling increased tax fraud?

According to the IRS, there were 1.1 million cases of identity theft and efiling tax fraud in 2011 with dollars in the billions. 80% of tax returns are now efiled each year. I am a huge fan of efiling as we get an immediate confirmation of receipt by the government agencies so no concerns of […]

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